Science & Women’s Health

“Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb.” -Frida Kahlo

In Other Words #1

My first publication was honestly a jam-packed and super dense detailed explanation of causes of pain in endometriosis (endo) patients, and what can counter this. It was, as many of these research papers are, written with clinical jargon in a way that only other researchers or medical experts would follow. Not helpful to the millions … Continue reading In Other Words #1


When I meet new professionals, my elevator pitch includes a little bit of everything without doing too much. But my passions are women’s health research and Biotech. My research fueled my passion to be at the forefront of efforts to cure endometriosis and promote the importance of biomedical research as a whole. My interest in … Continue reading FemTech


Have you heard? 30-year-old Mareena Robinson Snowden is the first black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT. She is now part of the 2% of engineers and scientists in the US who are black females. An even smaller percentage are black females who hold terminal degrees. I share this because I … Continue reading 2%