Family & Motherhood

3 kids is a handful, but this twin thing is a whole ‘nother level!

Twinning Tuesday #1

All of our kids had colds recently and #teamnosleep was really tested. Not only were my husband and I also sick, but we were sleep deprived and going crazy. One night Luna (aka Twin A) was coughing like crazy in her sleep. I was worried that her throat would end up sore and/or she’d wake…

Let me tell you bout my best friend

When babies are born, it’s pretty common that their parents will keep track of when and how much they eat, when and how much they poop, when and for how long they sleep, etc. Metrics that the pediatrician will want to know at the numerous visits during the first couple months. For some, an app…

I Did a Thing

On November 1, I pushed out two amazingly strong baby girls and suddenly tripled the amount of kids in our little family. Luna and Calla came into this world and immediately changed lives, mine included of course. At only 35 weeks they spent very little time in the NICU and have been thriving ever since.…


Linea negra Stretch marks Melasma Hernia scar Beautiful Strong HOME

And then there were 5

We all had plans for 2020. Plans for travel and celebrations and career changes. Over the course of a few months everything changed our perspective on our plans…and the world. The coronavirus pandemic came quickly and now we are starting to realize that it’s resolution will not be nearly as fast. One of the 2020…

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