About Me

Teena Wright

Hey! Welcome to Taking the Tee.

I’m Teena – a wife and mother of 3 girls (including a set of twins) working as an engineer/scientist in the pharmaceutical industry.

My main focuses in life are my amazing family and my dreams of advancing science and medicine, particularly in the women’s health space. Both are my passions but both test my confidence every single day. Am I the best mother to my kids? Am I really suited for this job? This career path? Will my girls be able to tell that I’m “faking it til I make it”? Am I ready to face stereotyping? What about people doubting of my abilities because of my gender and race? Anxious thoughts spend way too much time in my head, but I’m not willing to let them get in the way of my success.

Talking about the things that trigger my anxiety, along with my faith and commitment to fitness, has brought me this far, and I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me. The name of my blog comes from the “T” – the public transit in the metro Boston area. I spent a lot of time reflecting while on those trains and wrote my first post during a ride to work.

You’ll find posts around 5 major topics: family, faith, science and women’s health, fitness and coping with anxiety. Take a peek and, if you like what you see, please follow! My social media pages are also linked below.