A Call to Action?

In a new WSJ article, Tracy Dennis-Tiwary outlines how many people experience anxiety and why we see this number constantly increasing. Even more interesting is the take on how we should view this trend and anxiety in general.

Is it correct to see this as a growing problem in the world? As something that needs a cure? An epidemic even? Dennis-Tiwary says no.

“We’ve convinced people that anxiety is a dangerous affliction and that the solution is to eliminate it, as we do with other diseases. But feeling anxious isn’t the problem. The problem is that we don’t understand how to respond constructively to anxiety. That’s why it’s increasingly hard to know how to feel good.”

Dennis-Tiwary, In Praise of Anxiety, Wall Street Journal May 6, 2022

What if we re-think anxiety as something that can be used to our advantage? Personally, I’ve tried to use this approach to work through giving a huge speech. I turned that surge of adrenaline into a virtual chest bump in the middle of a huddle with 10 seconds left in the big game. Which is funny if you know me, because I am not athletic and have never been on any team like that. But I love to watch!!

So what do we think? Have you ever tried this approach? Do you agree with the message of the article? I’d love to get your thoughts!

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