Twinning Tuesday #1

All of our kids had colds recently and #teamnosleep was really tested. Not only were my husband and I also sick, but we were sleep deprived and going crazy.

One night Luna (aka Twin A) was coughing like crazy in her sleep. I was worried that her throat would end up sore and/or she’d wake up Calla (Twin B). In my delirious state, I decided that the smart thing to do was get her out of her crib and give her a honey-based elixir to soothe her throat. Mind you, the child was neither complaining nor awake.

I creeped into the twins’ room and grabbed Luna, gently lifting her out of her crib and resting her head on my shoulder. A couple steps towards the door and I realized that I’d grabbed the wrong baby. And woken her up for no reason.

Of course, I immediately cursed my husband for putting Calla in the crib under the big ass sign that says “Luna Ann.” But really I should’ve just stayed in bed. In the end, Calla fell back asleep and Luna got her soothing and some back rubs. So no harm, no foul. But honestly…these momma bear spidey senses are getting me into trouble.

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