O for Oils

No, not CBD oils…check out this post for a brief take on that. I want to also address essential oils for anxiety. Earlier this year I was part of a 7-day study by Doterra to look at how oils and oil blends affect stress and anxious feelings throughout the day. I realized that they had a blend (Adaptiv) created specifically for this purpose but never invested or really thought too much about trying it out. I didn’t consider myself an “essential oils girl” and still don’t, but I learned a lot in a short amount of time that I want to share. Most of you likely know this, but bear with me.

  1. There are so many ways to use (good and pure) essential oils! I really thought a diffuser was the only way but have now tried rubbing a dab on my wrists, soles of the feet, back of the neck, and temples. The reason I mentioned purity is that some people with also mix oils into food or drinks, or just ingest a drop. Either way, you don’t need a diffuser.
  2. It’s best to try different oils and not just premade blends. I’ve always been a fan of good old generic lavender on my pillow, but now I’m really living on the edge (kidding). Orange, Adaptiv blend, Balance blend, eucalyptus, and peppermint are my favorites, with Adaptiv being the best option (for me) when I’m already anxious.
  3. Ever wondered what it is about oils that creates these moods? It’s the science behind their aromas, which have been clinically shown to elicit certain feelings based on the chemical components.

If this piqued your interest at all, definitely check out some of the oils I mentioned. And, of course, share any of your favorites in the comments.

2 thoughts on “O for Oils

  1. I’m a big fan of oils, I use them for lots of things. Oregano and eucalyptus are great when you’re sick. Peppermint is great for headaches and cramps. I’m also using frankincense and a blend of several others for some other health stuff I’ve got going on right now. Don’t knock CBD oil either, it’s great for anxiety. It also did WONDERS for my old dog’s arthritis (and it may have staved off her cancer by a number of months).

    I’m not a fan of Doterra solely because of their astronomical prices. There are other reliable brands out there with more reasonable pricing. NOW and North American Herb and Spice are some of my favorites.


    1. That’s funny, you’re the second person to mention frankincense recently. I need to check that out. Also noting cheaper brands because I agree about the pricing for Doterra and Young Living.

      Honestly I’ve seen and heard of much more obvious improvements with CBD oil. And now that it’s more prevalent I’m glad it’s easier to do research and find the right brand and dose. I got some nice feedback on a post about that too.

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