F for Faith

I’m continuing my ABC’s of anxiety help with faith. Such a simple word to describe something different to everyone. I personally have found a lot of comfort believing that God has greater plans for me than I can even imagine. That He has promised me many things in this life. All He asks in return is that I have faith that He will provide them. That He will see me through. I turn to prayer and scripture in moments of anxiety or when I’m overwhelmed because it is a comfort zone for me.

Notice that I’m not saying “R for Religion” here. And I’m no way do I think that everyone does or should turn to the same source for hope and strength. But having faith that you are destined for more than being an anxious person or a loner or a self-sabotager is HUGE.

This may seem like a less tangible option than others, but it’s important to tap into it in some way, especially when the world feels so chaotic.

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