C for CBD Oil

I think we may finally be at the point of not seeing CBD as taboo, or as some sort of dangerous drug. Whether it’s for pain or stress, insomnia or anxiety, there is clear evidence of CBD’s effectiveness.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prevalent component in marijuana (Harvard Med – link below) but is mainly derived from hemp plants. I’m not an expert on available products or dosing, but I came across a great post by a fellow blogger, Allroadsleadtoyum, who has some great insight. She discusses her experiences with the brand Equilibria and how it helps with weight loss and stress/anxiety. That being said, I have had success using oil as a way to prevent panicking when I’m in stressful situations. It definitely has been more of a proactive than reactive use, as I find it pretty ineffective against a true panic attack.

So how does it work? The Neurotherapeutics article cited below summarizes the mechanism of action of CBD. In particular, CBD can bring about anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) and panicolytic (panic reducing) effects by basically mimicking serotonin, that “feel good” hormone. It binds to receptors that are designed for serotonin and triggers these effects.

Good to know: While it has been studied extensively, CBD is not approved by the FDA to treat anxiety. There is one CBD based prescription drug for the treatment of epilepsy that has been approved. Regarding legality, CBD oil and other products derived from hemp are legal in most states, as long as any THC component is less than 0.3%.

There is SO MUCH to dive into when it comes to this topic, so I encourage further research if you’re interested. And don’t forget to share additional info and/or thoughts in the comments!

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