Let me tell you bout my best friend

When babies are born, it’s pretty common that their parents will keep track of when and how much they eat, when and how much they poop, when and for how long they sleep, etc. Metrics that the pediatrician will want to know at the numerous visits during the first couple months. For some, an app is a great way to track these things. Or if you’re nerdy like me, maybe a customized spreadsheet…

My husband and I used the BabyTracker app, which we loved for our daughter) for 1.3 days with the twins before we knew it wouldn’t work. Two people tracking two babies on two phones is not easy with no sleep. Thankfully my doula mentioned the Pocket Nanny, which we could keep by each bassinet or crib. It has a stopwatch function to see how long it’s been since the last meal/diaper change/nap or a timer function to alert you when it’s time for those things. Just push one button and you’re set. We bought before we got the girls on the same schedule and they were lifesavers. But even on one schedule, they make it easy to remember to note the time.

Check out the Pocket Nanny by Itzbeen HERE.

Our twin setup on their bassinet
Close-up of buttons: Diaper changes, feedings, naps, open use button, breastfeeding tracking.

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