I Did a Thing

On November 1, I pushed out two amazingly strong baby girls and suddenly tripled the amount of kids in our little family. Luna and Calla came into this world and immediately changed lives, mine included of course. At only 35 weeks they spent very little time in the NICU and have been thriving ever since. We have been blessed and my eyes have been opened to the resilience of babies and the power of medicine.

There have been so many differences between this pregnancy and my last, as well as labor, delivery and the postpartum period. My husband and I have learned a lot about babies and I’ve learned that the key to healthy newborns is healthy caregivers. And wearing a cloak of fear and anxiety is something that even the tiniest babies can pick up on.

I’d love to say that my anxiety is minimal and I’m managing stressors etcetera etcetera, but life isn’t that simple. Of course I’m exhausted and I get stressed. And clearly 3 kids under 5 are going to make me panic. It’s the nature of our situation and it’s in my nature as well. It’s just another stop on on the ride for me. A huge, amazing, wonderful and very noisy stop.

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