#newhairwhodis – Week 1

I get bored with my hair, so it’s not uncommon for me to pop up with a new color or some braids, or just a blown out fro. But last week I finally gave my hair what it needed…a big chop. I got a Devacut, which is a dry haircut meant to accentuate your hair’s natural curl pattern and shape. Now that I’m closer to a big city, there are so many opportunities to invest in my hair and give it what it needs. It’s been years since my last trim and I had never had my natural curly hair shaped.

I have to admit that I wasn’t quite mentally prepared to get so much hair cut off, but I’m feeling super motivated to take care of my mane the right way. I tell people all the time that my hair has a life of its own, so why not designate a piece of my blog to its many moods?

My plan is to solely use DevaCurl products in addition to some natural oils for my scalp. But we all knows what happens when we make plans. Let’s see how this goes…

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